Traces of Nations Partnership

Proposal to join the «Traces of Nations»

The UN General Assembly has declared 2021 the International Year of Peace and Trust. At the meeting of the General Assembly, the particular importance of fostering a culture of peace and non-violence that would meet the interests of humanity, and in particular its future generations, was stressed, taking into account the urgent need to develop and strengthen preventive diplomacy. (A/RES/73/338)

The international youth research cultural and historical project “Traces of Nations” developed by the Young World Interregional Public Organization is aimed at identifying the influence of the interpenetration of cultures in all areas of human life throughout the historical process, as well as modeling the Future as a result of current demographic, political and climatic processes.

Within the framework of the «Traces of the Nations» project, it is planned to conduct:

— cultural, historical, linguistic and other research;

— youth expeditions and tourist activities in the participating countries;

— creation of an interactive map of the world «Traces of Nations»;

— international cultural and creative festivals;

— youth forums for modeling the Future;

— events of cultural, economic, educational and creative collaboration;

— other activities aimed at expanding and strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples.

One of the first events of the «Traces of Nations» project will be the international positively motivating cultural and historical festival «Burning Hearts», aimed at demonstrating the heroic deeds of the heroes of different peoples of the world in the name of the ideals of goodness and justice. The symbol of the festival is the hero of M. Gorky’s story Danko, who illuminated the path of people driven into the thicket with his burning heart and died for their salvation.

In preparation for the Festival, participants will conduct research on different stages of the history of their peoples from folklore to modern times and provide information about the heroes’ exploits in the following nominations: story, article, poem, sculpture, documentary, illustration.

The final event of the Festival will be a gala concert and rewarding of our contemporaries, whose actions are an example to follow, an example of courage, loyalty to duty and philanthropy. The festival will unite young people in admiration and admiration for the courage and fortitude of the heroes of not only their country, but also of other countries of the world, will demonstrate the similarity of motives and the similarity of the actions of the heroes of all mankind, despite ethnic, religious and other differences.

Participation in the project’s activities will help young people from different countries learn more about the culture, needs and views of each other, find common interests and increase the level of mutual understanding and trust during joint scientific, practical and creative work, as well as give them the opportunity to rally around universal human values   and ideals of service to society.

Cooperation between universities, schools, colleges, foundations and other organizations in the framework of the «Traces of the Nations» project will demonstrate their commitment to the cause of peace and creation, will lay in young people — future politicians, diplomats, historians, athletes and other professionals — a willingness to trustful cooperation, contributing strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between peoples and building our common home — a happy world of the Future.

IYPO «Young World» invites everyone interested to take part in the launch and implementation of the International Youth Research Project «Traces of Nations» and its «Burning Hearts» Festival as Participants, Partners, Sponsors, Members of the Organizing Committee and the Jury of the Festival.

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